Basel House: The Epicenter of Street Art


A week-long art and entertainment fair focusing on progressive art is set to take center stage during Art Basel Week.  The pop up gallery and lounge is affectionately called Basel House, because it’s home to the largest collection of pure street artists along with mixed media, digital artists and sculptures. For those who like street art and graffiti, there’s no place else to be. Artists will paint live on canvas, brick walls and anything they can get their hands on, including a 1961 Bentley. Their work will also be displayed inside a 10,000 square-foot gallery called The Art House. A neat interactive feature of this event will allow people to try their hand at creating their own street art. On a daily basis, Canvas Vandals will host and help people unleash their “inner vandal” creativity on canvas.

“Basel House is designed to be inclusive of all artists and people. That’s why this event is free to the public. We’ve gone through great lengths to bring well-known graffiti artists from around the world, because we feel strongly that all art is important, whether you find it on a brick wall or a gallery wall,” said Tony Albelo, the event organizer.

In addition to live art from artists such as Greg Mike, Claw Money, Cope2, Kue Molly, Monorex and 2wenty, there will be live music with bands and VJ’s performing each night throughout the event. Also, the Top 21 Food Trucks will be present including Latin Burger, Inspir-Asian, King Of Racks BBQ, Poblano’s Mexican Fusion, The Health Nut On Wheels, Mobstah Lobstah, Conch Shack Food Junkies, and HipPOPs Handcrafted Gelato, to name a few.

If that weren’t enough, there will be an Arts & Crafts Showcase highlighting the uniqueness of Wynwood artisans with their hand-crafted creations. 

WHEN: All areas open at 12 noon each day and close at midnight, with the exception of The Art House, which will remain open until 2 a.m.

  • Tuesday, Dec 2nd, 2014, noon – midnight
  • Wednesday, Dec 3rd, 2014, noon – midnight
  • Thursday, Dec 4th, 2014, noon – midnight
  • Friday, Dec 5th, 2014, noon – midnight
  • Saturday, Dec 6th, 2014, noon – midnight
  • Sunday, Dec 7th, 2014, noon – midnight

WHERE: In the heart of Wynwood right on the main artery, NW 2nd Avenue. 

TICKET INFO: Event is FREE and open to the public!

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