Everybody Get Your Roll On: Bay Skate Miami Comes to Bayfront Park

By Erica Greenfield

bay skate

Hot Wheels was more than just a toy car game for kids growing up in the 305 during the mid 90s. For most Miami babies, this roller skating hotspot was infamous for their neon lights, old-school jams and of course, those adolescent make out sessions.

No matter what your age was, there were few things more exciting than strapping on your quad skates and frees-styling with friends.

Luckily for us, the creative minds of Macias Advertising are bringing funky back with Bay Skate Miami, located in the heart of downtown at Bayfront Park. The concept of Bay Skate is to help stimulate one of the city’s most important parks and blossoming neighborhoods. After winning the Miami Foundation’s “Public Space Challenge,” this one-of-a kind roller skating and music experience is set to launch on February 26, with a second event to follow on March 5.

Bay Skate will create a waterfront roller skating rink that circles the park’s historic Claude Pepper Fountain and will include skate rentals, shoe valet, food trucks and surprise guest appearances. Fueled by live music and DJ sets spinning our favorite skate tunes (rumor has it hip-hop legend Monie Love will emcee), locals will get to throw down their best moves while enjoying great music, food and the nostalgic vibe.

Macias hopes the inaugural event will allow Bay Skate to evolve into a monthly Downtown staple, allowing families, young adults and local influencers to come together and enjoy an active lifestyle and pop-culture staple like roller skating.

The first Bay Skate kick-off event will start with a family-friendly session at 5 pm.

The night will turn more adult-oriented with the 7 pm skating session. Admission is free and although skate rentals will be on site, it’s recommended to bring your own.

For more information, visit the official Bay Skate Facebook page.

bay skate miami

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