Get in the Grove at Lokal Beer Battles


History has seen some great battles. It seems that ever since Eve showed up on the scene, people have been at odds. Samson versus Goliath. Good versus evil. White meat versus dark meat. We just can’t seem to agree on anything. Rivalries are part of our DNA.

That is the competitive spirit that goes into Lokal’s Battles Royale Beer Tastings. The battle continues on Monday, February 23rd at 6pm:

Round 1: Monk in the Trunk vs. He’Brew Genesis – Yes we realize that one is a Pale Ale and the other is an Amber Ale, but think of the fun if this were a mano-a-mano fight. A chubby little friar fighting with a rabbi. Close your eyes and visualize.

Round 2: New Belgium Slow Ride vs. Rebel Rider IPA – Slow vs Rebel. Even since the fable of the tortoise and the hare have people wondered what is better: slow and steady or fast and loose. Now we get to find out as these are both session IPA’s from leading breweries.

Round 3: The Eleven vs Magic Hat #9 – One beer watched too much Spinal Tap, thinking they are an “11” while the other has self-esteem issues and thinks they just don’t quite measure up… a 9 out of 10. Alright, this is a brown vs. pale ale, but 11 and 9? Come on? Get it?!

Round 4: Brooklyn Lager vs. Stiltsville Pilsner – Concrete Beach meets the Concrete Jungle in this epic throw-down.

Round 5: Great White vs Big Rod – How else would you catch and beat down a Great White if not with a Big Rod?

The first round kicks off at 6pm and the foamy fun continues until 8pm. Make sure to RSVP to the Facebook event here.


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