Buddha Fest Miami


Last Saturday, April 5th, Tibetan Monks from Drepung Gomang Monastery joined spiritual leaders from ALL traditions — Jewish, Muslim, Hinduism, Catholic communities and area dignitaries — to chant prayers and hymns at the Buddha Fest Miami opening ceremony.  It signified the start to a week-long multicultural festival that will give the attendants/visitors a full range of spiritual awakening activities, entertainment and rays of different cultural and earthy, organic, healthy food.

In 2000, a massive boulder of Jade was discovered in the arctic circle of Canada. Consisting of 18 tons of gemstone quality jade, it was called “the find of the millennium” and was given the name “Polar Pride.” Over the next five years professional carvers and artists sculpted and carved the 5-ton Jade boulder into a spectacular 7-foot high Buddha, including the lotus and throne. Today, the magnificent and spiritual icon is honored as a wonder in the present-day world.

ChakraSamvara is honored to host the 2014 Tour of the Jade Buddha for Universal Peace. At the temple site, the largest Jade Buddha in the world will be open to the public from April 5th through April 13th, from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Highlighted activities for the weekends of April 5-6th and April 12th-13th will offer attendees a variety of Asian entertainment, featuring Chinese Lion Dance, Tibetan Snow Lion Dance, Thai, VietNamese, Philippine and Indian Persian Folk Dance, Tibetan Monks Cultural Dance, Arts and Crafts, Organic Food, Plants and Exotic cuisine, the Dragon Boat Display, performances by Japanese Taiko drummers, Yoga and martial arts demonstrations.

Visitors can treat their palates to cuisine from Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, India, Iran, Korea, Laos, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. There will be kabobs, papaya salad, fried rice, lo mein noodles, finger foods such as sausage puffs, fried taro root, fried plantains, and fried purple yams, sticky rice in bamboo, char-coaled rice cakes, Pad Thai, curries, Boca/Bubble drinks by Boca Bubble Tea, lychee ice cream, Chang beer, dessert, and more!

A Closing Ceremony will be held on Sunday April 13th at 5pm with the Snow Lion Dance along with chanting from all Spiritual Sectors, and a full ceremony of the Sand Mandala Destruction for Universal Peace is to be followed.

Order tickets here. Miami Japanese Garden, 1101 MacArthur Causway, Watson Island

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