The Craft Beer Boom Fermenting in Wynwood: First look at Concrete Beach Brewery

IMG_0381 Great beer has been a long time coming in Miami.  While the craft beer movement has swept the country for the past 20 years – making high-quality, locally-produced brews the norm in cities like Boston, Portland, San Francisco, and Asheville – the shift in preferance has been surprisingly slow to move into Miami. In a climate that supports top talent mixologists; extensive wine lists; and some of the best restaurants in the world, isn’t it about time to enjoy some delicious beer? Things are about to change…BIG time. IMG_0385Miami is in the midst of a craft brewery boom, with the epicenter of activity taking place on the eclectic streets of the Wynwood Arts District, a fitting neighborhood for creating works of drinkable art. What started with Wynwood Brewing Company one year ago is soon expanding into a trifecta of deliciousness. The next brewery to join the craft beer revolution in Wynwood will be Concrete Beach Brewing Company. And this isn’t just any ol’ brewery. Concrete Beach is the brain-child of the world-class team at Alchemy and Science, a unique craft beer collaboration that’s supported by the Boston Beer Company but independently-operated by one of the most creative minds in the industry, Alan Newman, founder of Magic Hat. That’s right. Miami’s newest craft brewery has the support of two of the biggest names in the business, the Godfathers of American craft beer- Alan Newman of Magic Hat and Jim Koch, the co-founder and chairman of the Boston Beer Company. These guys were defining the craft brewery movement when many of today’s brewers were still in diapers.

IMG_0397 And there’s a reason these guys are some of the most-respected names in the business. They understand that crafting great beer is best-achieved by breweries truly connected to their community. That’s why they’ve put a top team – led by Headbrewer Chris McGrath; General Manager Carlos Smith, and “Social Hall” Front-of-House Manager Jesse Morris- in place in Miami to lead the way. The state-of-the-arts brewery and local Social Hall, which will be open to the public daily featuring delicious ales and lagers as well bilingual brewery tours, is designed to cultivate a craft culture that is as uniquely authentic as Miami itself. At last weeks “first pour” media preview event, the enthusiasm radiated through the almost-finished walls. Can you capture the unique flavors & culture of Miami in an 8 ounce pour?  That’s what Concrete Beach is setting out to achieve.


Concrete Beach Headbrewer Chris McGrath

“What do YOU want to drink?” emphasized brewer Chris McGrath as he led the brewery tour, “That’s what we’re here to create. We are making beers to capture South Florida, drawing inspiration from our every day experiences in Miami and the many cultures that coexist here.” With a plethora of construction delays holding up the official opening of the brewery as well as it’s corresponding public Social Hall, Miamians will have to quench their thirst for now with Concrete Beach’s first two releases, which are available in select stores- Rica, a hoppy wheat IPA, and Stiltsville, a European-style Pilsner with citrus hops. Follow Concrete Beach on Facebook to be the first to know when they’re open.

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