Holiday Illumination at Aventura Mall

What does 56 miles of sparkling lights – end to end – look like? Head over to the Aventura Mall throughout the holiday season to see the spectacular Holiday Illumination. Who knew that parking could be so much fun? Check out our photo recap of the gorgeous light display and discover more fun holiday activities in Miami.

Fun Facts about the Holiday Illumination at Aventura Mall:

  • 11,888 lines of 70 lights installed for a total of 832,160 individual 5MM light bulbs.
  • 175 snowflakes with 360 LEDs on each for a total of 63,000 lights.
  • Approximately 2,460 C7 light bulbs outlining various rooflines.
  • Approximately 3,700 labor hours were required to install the display.
  • Amount of energy saved using LED lights – 60 day season running 14 hours a day will consume 73,547 KW/H with LED lights. If incandescent lights were used, 735,474 KW/H would have been using – 10 times greater!

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