A Slice of Heaven at Ironside Pizza

ironside pizzaironside pizza

ironside pizzaWhen you think of feasting on some the best pizza in Miami, an eco-friendly business campus in Little River is most-likely not the place you envision. But Ironside Pizza, now under new ownership with a slight change to their former name of “Pittza at Ironside”, breaks the mold.

This authentic pizzeria, nestled among the quirky, self-contained business complex known as Miami Iron Side, is certainly off the beaten path. In fact, the night we arrived for dinner, we were the only two patrons eating at the restaurant on a Saturday night around 8pm.  That, my friends, is a crime against the pizza Gods.

Upon entering the tiny eatery, you’ll find a small indoor space featuring only a handful of tables within eyeshot of the beautiful wood-burning stove.  However, ample outdoor seating is also available in the complex’s spacious sculpture garden.

Their Margarita pie – the center of any great pizza menu – features a chewy, moderately thin-crust cooked to perfection in their wood-fired oven; a light and sweet coating of fresh tomato sauce; an even layer of gooey, salty mozzarella cheese; and fresh basil leaves. We highly recommend making use of the spicy pepper-infused olive oil atop each table. Perfecto!

ironside pizzaThere is a pizza pie to satisfy every craving. Their 10 pizza pie options include the Funghi- porcini mushrooms, mozarella fiordilatte (translationmade from cow’s milk), tomatoes, & black olives, the Redina- cherry tomatoes, bufala mozzarella, arugula, parmigiano, and proscuitto crudo, and Quattro Stagioni – tomatoes, mozarella fiordilatte, salami, mushroom, ham, artichokes, and olives. An extensive offering of Calzones and salads round out the menu.

A unique feature at Ironside is their vegan-friendly, gluten-free pizza option. With pizza this delicious, we would bet that Ironside boasts one of the best pizza options in Miami for dietary restrictions.

If you can manage to restrain yourself from eating way too much pizza at dinner, a spectacular treat is awaiting you for dessert- the Straccetti Fritti. These light pillows of fried dough, which somehow manage to avoid the heavy greasy texture of a funnel cake, are covered in warm nutella and sea salt.  Warning: You cannot just eat one!ironside pizza

So there you have it pizza lovers; let’s keep the pizza Gods happy! Get yourself over to Ironside soon.


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