Rock the Boat at Katana

katana japanese

When you mention Normandy Isle, the first thing to come to mind for many Miami foodies is Katana Japanese Restaurant. Most likely, their response sounds something like this, “Oh, they have that really good sushi place with the boats.”

You can’t blame them for not recalling the name of the restaurant, though. There isn’t even a sign labeling this hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant as “Katana”. However, it’s an easy place to find thanks to a consistent line of hungry patrons waiting outside every night.

Restaurant-goers wait patiently in line starting just before opening at 6pm each evening. Rumor has that each night, the chef will end the service abruptly despite anyone still waiting. But it’s not so bad; the waitress will gladly bring you a glass of wine or beer while you wait.

So what’s everyone waiting for? A coveted seat along the sushi-boat stream. Yes, the sushi at Katana arrives by boat along a swiftly moving current. A variety of sushi rolls, sashimi, salads, appetizers, and more are featured on small colorful plates, priced inexpensively between $1.50 and $3.50 (which is designated by the color of the plate).

katana japanese

Simply take what you want to try as the boats pass by. You can also place orders from their full menu to supplement your sail-by sushi.

At the end of your meal, the staff will add up your dishes, which typically come to a very affordable price, that is unless you completely failed to restrain yourself from a plethora of tempting dishes. A variety of ice creams, including a green tea ice cream sundae, are available for dessert if you managed to save room.

All in all, a meal at Katana promises to be one of the most unique boating experiences in Miami!

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