Legacy Fit: The Bootcamp for EveryBODY

By Erica Greenfield


Photo credit: https://www.facebook.com/teamlegacyfit/


I am no stranger to exercise. After a devastating knee injury ended my career in competitive sports, my daily fitness routine transformed into bi-weekly spin classes, the elliptical machine, light weight training and the occasional run. Sure, I kept myself in decent shape and shed a few pounds, but a certain je ne sais quoi was missing from my routine to get my fitness level and health where it needed to be.

That all changed when I discovered Legacy Fit. After a chance encounter with the Wynwood-based bootcamp on ClassPass, it was love at first burpee. Saying I was nervous for my first 6 am class with Joe is an understatement. I was a ball of anxiety as I stepped inside the industrial gym space, questioning my strength and fitness level compared to others in the class. All of my fears and worries vanished when the clock struck 6 on the dot and Joe shouted “STOP SIGN.” I immediately fell in line with the group as we started our running warm up (which we ended up doing twice to pay for latecomers and slackers). The next hour was spent pushing myself harder than I have in years with push-ups, pull-ups, battle ropes, squats, lunges and inclined sprints, which was followed by pushing a weighted sled across the gym and bear crawling back. I was overjoyed to hear the final buzzer signal the end of the last circuit…until I heard the familiar intro to T- Pain’s “Church.” At that moment, when everyone was at the brink of exhaustion, we dropped on all fours and performed 2 minutes of mountain climbers—pushing us to the limit. I can honestly say I have never felt so beaten up, yet so accomplished at the same time. I was hooked on Legacy Fit.

Founded in 2008, owner Manning Sumner started Legacy Fit based on the core philosophy of “No Days Off.” Known for their partner interval training, this high-intensity bootcamp will push everyone to their breaking point with their mixed schedule of circuit training, sprints and weight training all performed in their facility which features top-of-the-line equipment, a turf track and an outdoor sandpit.

Bootcamp fitness at Legacy Fit is unlike any other in Miami. The class is designed so everybody can achieve their fitness goals, from professional athletes to first timers. For Danielle Kirsner, Legacy Fit provided a way for her to continue her health journey. She recently dropped 60 pounds and felt Legacy Fit was the perfect spot to continue to lose weight, build muscle and crush her goals.

“I have learned that my body is capable of doing anything for 2 minutes,” said Kirsner, referring to partner circuit training. “I love the partner interval style of training because you have someone specifically there to help motivate you and you do the same for them.”

Membership packages range from $60 for two bootcamp classes per week to $199 for unlimited monthly access to the gym. The first class is free, so there are no excuses not to try it out! For more information, visit www.legacyfit.com.

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