Interactive Installation: The Waiting Room in DJ Hell

Photo: Julia Burlingham and Natascha Goldenberg

Photo: Julia Burlingham and Natascha Goldenberg

On Thursday, February 12, 2015 from 7pm to 9pm, Physical Therapy will release “The Waiting Room in DJ Hell”, a record inspired by a fictional purgatory-within-a-purgatory – a waiting room in Hell reserved exclusively for DJ’s.

The installation, which will be available at no extra costs to all museumgoers, is an interactive space designed collaboratively by Physical Therapy, cartoonist Gobby, and sculptor Jeffrey Joyal. Physical Therapy is Daniel Fisher, a New Jersey born and raised producer and DJ.  Gobby is Boston born musician and cartoonist.  Jeffrey Joyal is a New York based sculptor who bases his practice around an investigation of time, durability, and decay through life casting.

In the waiting room, visitors enter a Miami purgatory, where DJ’s await their turn for eternal punishment for their late night sins. Flamingos suspended in an eternal state of limbo, reclaimed waiting room furniture, and gruesome cartoon wallpaper illustrate the liminal space. In a city where the seasons never change, uncertainty becomes torture as the audience waits for the beat to drop; the payoff never arrives.

It’s all part of the WAVES series, running from February 12, 2015 through May 14, 2015,  a series of specially-commissioned performances highlighting collaborations between musicians and artists across fields of dance, video and visual art.

Find out more about the innovative exhibit here.

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