Miami Facts: The World’s Largest Hurricane Proof Windows

Photo by Daniel Azoulay photography

Photo by Daniel Azoulay photography

Herzog & de Meuron’s design for the new PAMM building is highly responsive to the city’s climate and the needs of a young, rising art museum. A central theme to the building is a blending of the indoor and outdoor environment, said to be inspired by a trip to Miami’s historic Stiltsville. Yet, despite an abundance of sunshine and year-round pleasant temperatures, Miami is also home to an active Hurricane season. So what happens when it’s time to keep that outdoor environment…well, outdoors?

Not to worry. Dozens of custom made hurricane windows, some as large as 17.5 feet by 7 feet – the largest impact resistant windows in the world – are installed at the Perez Art Museum Miami. The windows, which are over two inches thick and made of four pieces of layered glass, can resist up to 150 mph winds. 



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