Meet Miami Mover & Shaker: Mira Hightower


Aventura-based Mira Hightower embodies the artistic renaissance of Miami; a community rooted in innovative & marketable design. After studing Fashion Merchandising and Accessory Design at Miami International University of Art & Design, Mira founded Heather Hightower, a footwear label focused on looks which empower women and embrace their femininity. We got the dish from this fashion-forward entrepreneur:

Miami Happening: Starting a business is one of the hardest endeavors you could take on in your profession life. What motivates you every morning?

Mira: Two things… The first is my son; I want to be better every day for him. The second thing is that I want to make a difference and leave my footprint.

Miami Happening: What would you say is your idea of a perfect day?

Mira: Accomplishing everything on my to do list … Lol!

Miami Happening: We know the feeling! Who would you say inspires you?

Mira: I’m inspired by women in their everyday life and strive to create something they want and need.

Miami Happening: How did you decide to launch Heather Hightower?

Mira: I’ve loved shoes since I was a little girl. I knew I wanted to create in fashion so I was naturally drawn to the shoe business.

FE6rZzGuQrOdfjtz9oYPmKzPMj9XT92LeiCU65l7baI,kcqQXe_bCv40HZ4Z0pGHYJgRyJv7Qf-wnPyHxeda3Jk,SBFnQmFpLOmqWKH-Y35hNNVeASZ9bWBhMa2vw49tVEIMiami Happening: You’ve accomplished so much at a young age. Which achievement are you most proud of?

Mira: I’m most proud of having the  courage to follow my dreams

Miami Happening: And what has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

Mira: Lol… In being an entrepreneur I’ve had to overcome myself. Things I thought I wouldn’t do or couldn’t do.. That stuff is out the window

Miami Happening: What would you most like to achieve over the next 5 years?

Mira: In 5 years, I’d like to see my brand expand into an Italian line… Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it!

Miami Happening: How do you think your friends & coworkers would describe you?

Mira: Bubbly… Enthusiastic hard working and “she talks a lot.”

Miami Happening: Where’s your favorite place to go to unwind in Miami?

Mira: I love to go to Turnberry for a quick get away.

Miami Happening: If you could go back in time and talk to yourself ten years ago, what advice would you give?

Mira: Save… Save.. Save! Don’t cry over spilled milk it probably was spoiled anyway and leap out on faith don’t be so afraid because everything will be alright.

Miami Happening: Great advice. You’re a shoe in for success (We know! We know! But we couldn’t resist…)

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