3 Must-See Musicians at #WynwoodLife

Planning to hit up the #WynwoodLife art festival this weekend? There are over 20 fantastic bands set to take the stage throughout the 3 day-long celebration. Tune into 3 of our favorites:

1. Baloji, Friday Night: The Congolese-Belgium hip hop artists who famously performed with U2’s Bono at Coachella, will headline Wynwood Life. Brought to Miami and the festival by MDC Live Arts, Baloji will perform on Friday night.

2. Problem Kids, Saturday: With a sound as vibrant as the city that made them, The Problem Kids are a 6-piece Miami band on a mission to spread their infectious music to the rest of the world. Just one spin of PK and it’s apparent they are a true product of their culturally-diverse, frenetic environment. Is it Island Hop? Tropical Urban? Nu Wave Rap?! Label them what you will, but with a fiery mix of street-wise “Spanglish” rhymes, pulsating beats, and luscious sing-along melodies, one thing is for certain – these Kids aren’t playing around.

3. Suénalo, Sunday: A local favorite, Suénalo is what happens when reggae meets rock in a head-on collision. Funk cruises through the Caribbean picking up Afro sounds from Cuba and Puerto Rico. Jazz and electro hook up for a sidewalk makeout session. Hip-hop seems to hum from the very pavement, and R&B drifts in on the night wind. Suenalo reaches to far-flung corners and retrieves all these, takes them and mashing them together, marrying them—disparate players melded into a somehow harmonious blend. It defies logic that such diverse influences can find balance at the deft hands of one band.  

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