Small Tea, Big Flavor

CROPSmallTea09Csmall tea cooffee has long been a part of Miami’s culture- from deliciously sweet, traditional Cuban cortaditos to the more recent explosion of fresh roasted brews at Panther.

In Coral Gables, however, tea is making a big comeback, in a small way. Artisan tea houses like Small Tea Company are sharing diverse flavors of small batch teas and educating consumers about the numerous health benefits.

For example, did you know that unlike coffee, all teas contain xanthines, which simultaneously stimulate the brain and relax the body? So, naturally, on a particularly stressful day, a trip to the Small Tea Company was planned.

Small Tea Co. is not only a place to sample an assortment of teas, but the space was designed to offer an oasis away from the super-fast-paced lives that modern society dictates.  Their manifesto explains:

“Along with an elegant, humble place to sit and simply enjoy said tea. A place defined by small, humanizing gestures. A place where one’s mind can wander rather than march. A place where one can let life steep a little and find some distance from the rattle and hum. A place where one can press the reset button on what’s left of one’s over-amped physiology and partake in that comforting and original act of Connecting With Another Human Be- ing. To hear and be heard. To feel. To smile. And yes, to… leave… pauses.”

small tea coBefore you reach your zen-like state, though, be prepared- your first look at the menu may feel overwhelming! Small Tea Co. features a variety of white teas, green teas, oolong teas, herbal teas, ayurvedic teas, chai teas, rooibos teas and mate teas from all corners of the earth. Through an intense cataloging system, though, customers can actually stop and smell the tea leaves before making their purchase. The menu also offers helpful descriptions and flavor profiles to guide newbies through the process.

In addition to teas, Small Tea Company also features a casual food menu featuring salads, sandwiches, and snacks.

So go ahead- relax. It’s tea time.






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