Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Premieres


Last November, rumors swirled that Emmy-award winning journalist and television personality Anthony Bourdain was afloat among the Miami culinary scene for an upcoming episode of  Parts Unknown. 

The episode debuted on CNN On Sunday, May 3, 2015, with Bourdain paying tribute to the melting pot that is modern day Miami:

“So, this week, on Parts Unknown, we look at both the origins of Miami, the old school and the dream of Miami; the Miami that millions of Cubans, Nicaraguans, Venezuelans and Americans see as the place — if things go right, or things go wrong — to go. The place that will always, hopefully, be waiting for them.”


The episode features Kris Wessel’s Oolite, filmed with Miami resident and rock star Iggy Pop; Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, where Bourdain savored Bourbon Brunch alongside Questlove; and even Miami residents

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