New Digs Offer More Space at Bombay Darbar

bombay darbar

bombay darbar dalbar

PANEER NAAN- Naan stuffed with homemade cheese and seasoning.

On a casual stroll through the picturesque streets of Coconut Grove on any given evening, you will most likely run into a crowd.   No- it’s not the crowd of teenagers waiting for the latest blockbuster release at Cinepolis nor is it the tourist happy hour crowd at Fat Tuesdays. This crowd is found outside of Bombay Darbar, drooling over the aromatic smells of Indian food as they patiently await their turn to savor some warm naan and tandori chicken.

Miami’s Indian food-lovers flock to this beloved restaurant in the Grove. Until summer 2015, those hungry restaurantgoers could expect to wait over an hour to get a seat, even on weeknights. Dozens of people would sit patiently in seats lined up along the sidewalk.


TANDOORI CHICKEN- Whole Chicken marinated in yogurt, ginger, garlic and freshly ground spices then cooked in clay oven.

Alas, though, the foodie gods have smiled down on us and Bombay Darbar has now moved into a space more than double it’s original size at 2901 Florida Avenue in the Grove. The space itself is not only larger but with ornate detailing throughout, the design far exceeds that of the original restaurant.

Now, don’t get ahead of yourself. The larger space doesn’t mean you can easily stroll in for dinner! Beginning with their dinner service at 6pm, you can still expect the restaurant to fill up very quickly. Your best bet is to call ahead to make a reservation. Beware- you can’t just call at anytime. Phone calls are typically only answered during services and at noon. Call days in advance for your best chance.

At this point, you might be thinking, “This sounds like a lot of hassle just to go out to eat!”

Well, we are pretty sure the die-hard enthusiasts who cannot get enough of Bombay Darbar’s delicious Indian food, reasonable prices, and always pleasant service will be glad to have one less person standing between them and fresh-baked naan.

bombay darbar

MUSHROOM MAKHANI – Fresh mushroom sauteed in butter and cooked in creamy tomato and cashew sauce with wine.

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