Farm to Table Mondays at Arsht


Keep it fresh Mondays! With the expert guidance of The Market Company, the Adrienne Arsht Center Farmers Market features Florida-grown produce and prepared foods on the Thomson Plaza for the Arts, 1300 Biscayne Blvd. in downtown Miami. You can purchase fresh food from stands overflowing with local harvest – seasonal fruits, vegetables, meats, prepared food and beverages – while enjoying periodic workshops with food writers and chefs, live music and cooking demonstrations.

It happens every Monday from 4pm to 8pm. Head over after work  to check out awesome vendors like the:Adrienne Arsht Center Farmers Market

  • LNB Grovestand, a family-owned and operated farm in South Florida that specializes on tropical fruits. Its stand at the Center Farmers Market is run by Levi and Sara, a husband-and-wife team.  Levi’s parents started the farm 33 years ago.
  • Urban Oasis Project, a Miami-based farm that is USDA certified organic. The Urban Oasis Project is a volunteer-run organization filled with people who are passionate about eradicating urban food deserts and celebrating the farm-to-table movement. Its stand at the Arsht Center Farmers Market is equipped with EBT and credit card technology and features fantastic seasonal vegetables like dandelion greens, different kinds of kale, lettuce, scallions, sun gold tomatoes and more.
  • Keez Beez Honey, a small but rapidly growing apiary located in the Florida Keys. Run by John David and his wife, Keez Beez produces different types of honey depending on what is in bloom nearby, from mango blossom to black mangrove to sea grape and Brazilian pepper, –exotic flavors that found only in the Keys. The husband-and-wife team started the farm after retiring to the Keys and John received a hive from his wife as a birthday present. Today Keez Beez produces more than 20,000 pounds of honey. One of the many exciting stands at the Arsht Center Farmers Market, Keez Beez also sells raw honey and natural skin care products. If you stick around long enough, you will not only get a taste of the different honeys, but you will also hear all about the health benefits of consuming locally-produced honey or you can read all about it here:



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