Full Moon Drum Circles in North Beach

full moon party

As the sun goes down on the evening of the full moon each month, Miami Beach’s Full Moon Drum Circle begins.  Lit by the brilliant moonlight sparkling on the ocean’s surface and guided by the unmistakable rhythms of dozens of pulsating drums, you’ll find hundreds of gatherers each month.  They meet on the beach at or close to 79th street in Miami Beach for an evening of music, fire dancing, and celebration, typically bringing along food & drinks to share among their new friends.

The evening very often begins with many local families in attendence, the bravest of children getting up to dance along to the beat. As the night continues, though, the crowd shifts to Miami partygoers before typically dispersing in the early hours of the morning.

North Shore Open Space park does close it’s gates at sun-down so you may need to walk several blocks to the North or South in order to access the 79th Street beach.

Please note that serious drummers should check out the event on Full Moon Eve. Due to the crowds that now attend the Full Moon event, drummers seeking a low key environment have started gathering the evening before.

Drinking is not allowed on Miami beaches so party responsibly.

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  1. Sherri
    Sherri February 10, 2017 at 6:04 am |

    I would love to attend!✌️❤️?


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