The heART of #ArtBasel: A mission to bring the arts back to JDD Middle School


Art Basel is about to takeover Wynwood, but ironically, over 600 local middle school students at Wynwood’s JDD Middle School are currently being denied access to the arts because there’s no money to hire a teacher.

Well, that’s about to end thanks to the commitment of Patrick Walsh of WADA, Robert de los Rios of Wynwood Map, and an army of international and local artists.  Over 30 acclaimed artists like David Walker, Pixelpancho, Anthony Lister, RYCA, D*Face and many more are going to be painting the school throughout the festival.

Then on December 6th, a concert featuring an internationally popular musician will be held along with raffle items.  The goal is to raise $500,000 with 100% of proceeds going to the school to hire teachers.

Jose De Diego Middle School is located at 3100 NW 5th Ave.


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