Nerd Nite Miami

Photo credit: Nerd Nite Facebook Event.

Photo credit: Nerd Nite Facebook Event.

Drink beer, meet fellow nerds, learn something new. This Thursday, August 13, 2015 the nerds invade Wynwood at Gramps Bar’s Nerd Nite Miami. Every Second Saturday at 7pm, the intellectually curious gather for fun-yet-informative presentations while the audience drinks along.  It’s like the Discovery Channel… with beer!

A bunch of drunk, smart people in a room together – what could go wrong?!?

Here’s the line-up for August 2015:

5pm Gramps opens (half price drinks 5-8p)
6pm Nerd Nite Bingo!!!
7:30pm First presentation begins

___________Dean Lyon – “A Look at the Uncanny Valley” ­

A term coined in 1970 by the Japanese scientist who was involved in creating humanoid robots to describe the eerie sensation one gets when experiencing a “not quite right” representation of a human being. It turns out that it may stem from our basic primitive instincts of “fight or flight”, but it is unproven speculation. Hollywood visual effects and computer graphics filmmakers & high­end computer game creators have made amazing headway in achieving on­screen digital “humans” but have consistently bumped into the “Uncanny Valley” thwarting them from the ultimate goal of believability.

Amanda Butler – “The future of IVF: flirting with the limits”

Join Butler on a journey that transforms a female skin cell into a functional, mature sperm. Science is closer than we realize to giving homosexual couples the possibility of having their own genetic offspring.

John Gulla – “How Playing Board Games Can Save Your Life”

Over the past two decades, board games have been enjoying a significant and steady increase in overall popularity worldwide, as well as a large rise in the amount of new and different games being created and played. This presentation will discuss some of the reasons behind the phenomenon, introduce you to some excellent examples of modern board games that you should try, and finally, examine why board games may be more important to humanity now than ever before.

10pm Gramps Ladies Night begins

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