NEW Intentional Creativity art classes in Miami Beach empower women and inspire transformation.

A new concept in the Creativity Movement sweeping the nation called ‘Intentional Creativity’. It is offered in Miami for the first time by Miami’s local artist and educator Elyse Marie Santoro,

A full day workshop with a gourmet brunch where women can relax, pamper themselves, share their stories and get in touch with their own creativity.

The Intentional Creativity experience empowers women and shows them how to rewrite the stories in their life that hold them back through creative writing and a specific method of painting. She teaches these Intentional Creativity Art Classes on every third Sunday of the month at her studio in Miami Beach.

Unlike the Paint and Drink concept that has grown in popularity, these classes were designed as a deeper inquiry to ones soul self and for self development. This is achieved through meeting one’s inner muse and unleashing ones innate creative ability.

Elyse Marie Santoro is the only certified Intentional Creativity teacher in South Florida who offers this type of Creative transformation.

With the feminine empowerment movement growing this experience offers guidance and support to help women achieve their highest potential

Visit for information on upcoming classes.

Elyse Marie Santoro, who has been trained in California by Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Denise Linn, both new thought leaders in the feminine empowerment global movement of creativity and living a soulful life, is launching her Art Class series to empower women and transform how they view themselves. To own their divine femininity and help them explore their unique individual identities as creative beings. Read the article on ‘Healing our stories, healing ourselves through intentional creativity’ by Shiloh Sophia here to learn more about Intentional Creativity.

It is a day of pampering for the mind, body and soul with a selection a healthy brunch, champagne mimosas, music and a multi-sensory environment that is designed for the participants to meet their own “muse” and open their creative flow. The self-development process allows the women to let go of the beliefs that have held them back from moving forward and they are able to clearly see their new intentions and redesign their life path.

“I recognize the importance of creative self-expression as both a sacred practice and a way to heal and transform the beliefs women have as creatives. It is especially needed during these changing times so that women can design a career and life they fully love that supports them to thrive emotionally and financially” says Elyse Marie Santoro.

The workshops are held on every third Sunday of the month at the Miami Beach Studio. She also offers custom group classes at outside locations, Speaking engagements and one-on-one in-person VIP day intensives.

“What a great experience! I have never painted faces before and today with our skillful and enthusiastic teacher, Elyse, I accomplished what I thought would be so difficult to do! Her class is insightful and mystical and gave me a lot of confidence to continue with my art.” – Christina Dalcume

For more information please visit or contact Elyse Santoro at  [email protected]


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