Adopt a Free Pet at Alma Ad’s Pet Adoption & Donation Drive

By Erica Greenfield

Alma Pet Adoption Drive

My adopted niece Rilo is a sweet little girl with a not-so-sweet start to life.   After getting hit by a car and left with a devastating leg injury, Rilo’s family abandoned her on the side of a desolate Mexican road. Injured, frightened and alone, young Rilo was left to die. However, this sad story has a happy ending because a rescue group discovered the lost soul and brought her to a caring shelter in Los Angeles.   As fate would have it, my sister crossed paths with Rilo and it was love at first sight. With a little bit of love (and months of physical therapy), Rilo is now fully recovered and lives a rich and spoiled life full of long walks on Venice Beach, puppy play dates, delectable treats and her very own Instagram page (@the_life_of_ri_).

Alma Pet Adoption DriveAs you may have guessed, my niece Rilo is a dog, and unfortunately many shelter animals don’t have such a happy ending. In order to bring awareness and support the adoption of shelter animals, Alma Ad Agency will be hosting a pet adoption and donation drive with Miami Dade Animal Services at Shake-A-Leg Miami in Coconut Grove on Sunday, September 27 from 10 am to 2 pm.

If you’re considering adding a new furry family member but concerned about the nasty rumors about shelter pets, let Alma set the record straight by introducing you to a variety of sweet and loving animals who are all in need of a forever home. All adoptable pets are already spayed and neutered by the shelter, and adoption fees will be covered by Alma(yes, FREE pets!).   They will also be collecting donations from the shelter’s wish list (blankets, toys, food, etc.) and helpful trainers will be on hand from the Miami Coalition Against Breed Specific Legislation.

Alma Pet Adoption Drive

Located at Shake-A-Leg, a non-profit organization that provides watersport fun to children and adults with disabilities, guests and their furry friends alike will be able to take a ride on the water and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Biscayne Bay. This family fun event will also provide music and all the sugar your heart desires, courtesy of complimentary cotton candy and Azucar Ice Cream. Mi Pana Burger & Food Truck will also be on site with food for purchase.

If you’re already a proud pet owner and want to show support, share a picture of your shelter pet using #PetsHaveSoul and come by anyways! It’s the ultimate Sunday Funday for a great cause. See you there!


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