How to Carve a Pineapple Jack-o-Lantern


[Photo by Amy Covington for A Subtle Revelry.]

Miami pulls out all of the stops when it comes to Halloween – extraordinary costumer, jam-packed events, and endless options to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Visiting a pumpkin patch is a fall tradition (check out The Little Farm in Homestead), followed often by the ceremonious carving of a pumpkin jack-o-lantern. But why not embrace Miami-living with a carved pineapple this year instead?

Carving a pineapple is simple! Check out photo and video tutorials below:

#1 Cut off the top of your pineapple:


#2 Remove the inside of the pineapple (and set aside to enjoy later!). If you don’t have a fancy tool, a simple knife will do!


Step #3: Begin to carve your face:



Step #4: Add the finishing touches, which may include props and a candle places inside the pineapple. Add back your pineapple top.


Here’s a video tutorial if you need further instruction:


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