The HEAT Is On: The 5 Stages of LeBron Loss Grief

By Erica Greenfield unnamed-1 They say breaking up is hard to do, and no one knows it better than our beloved Miami Heat. The abrupt departure of “He Who Will Not Be Named” (yes, LeBron James has officially reached Voldemort status) left Heat Nation mourning the end of the Big 3 Era, and so (like in any agonizing break up) Heat fans nationwide began to journey through the 5 stages of grief…

Denial. When the news broke that LBJ was going home, hearts could be heard breaking all over Miami. It just couldn’t be real because who in their right mind would want to live in Cleveland instead of in paradise? He would be leaving behind the teammates he called “brothers,” an organization that gave him his first two championships and an oceanfront mansion in Coconut Grove. We were definitely getting Punk’d…

Anger. As the masking effects of denial began to fade, reality and its associated pain re-appeared. When his so-called fans in Cleveland burned his jerseyin the street, Miami defended him. When Dan Gilbert publicly bashed him, Miami defended him. Miami welcomed him with open arms and he promised us a dynasty. “Not one, not two…” (Anger aside, we are very grateful for those two).


Bargaining. If only we didn’t get rid of Mike Miller. What if we had beat the Spurs and won another championship? There had to be more we could have done to make him stay.

Depression. A dark cloud was looming over Miami. Whether we were running errands around town, dining in Wynwood or simply turning on the TV, Heat fans were constantly reminded of our loss. The thought of watching Sportscenter was too painful to bear.

Acceptance. Finally, it was time to make peace with LeBron’s homecoming. Like most strenuous situations, only time would heal our wounds. There was no other choice then to thank LeBron for the good memories and prepare for a fresh start and a new season.

After a turbulent offseason and a few promising preseason games, your Miami Heat are finally ready to kick off the 2014-2015 season against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night in D Wade’s House (American Airlines Arena). The final roster is an interesting mix of seasoned players (Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Luol Deng) and fresh, young faces (Shabazz Napier).

Can you feel the HEAT down in your soul, Heat Nation? It’s time to stand up and make some noise for your MIAMI HEAT!


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