3 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month in Miami


Did you know that Miami is the only major U.S. city founded by a woman? Strong females are a driving force behind this vibrant city.

This gives us all the more reason to celebrate females throughout March, first with International Women’s Day, which is observed on March 8th, as well as throughout the month-long celebration of Women’s History Month.

International Women’s Day has been observed since in the early 1900’s, a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies. Thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate achievements.

Here are three ways to join in the celebration throughout Miami:

  • Check out the Miami International Film Festival’s Guide to films with Strong Female Leads. As Kate Winslet learned in The Holiday, watching ladies with “gumption” can be contagious!
  • The first ever W.o.W. (Women of the World) event will take place at the Hyatt Coral Gales in March 12th and 13th, offering an unparalleled experience offering tools, tips and hacks for female entrepreneurs and leaders to take their skills to the next level.
  • Each year, the Women’s Center and University Libraries partner to observe National Women’s History Month with a Women’s Read-In. Participants read from their own or other work for, by, or about women. Other forms of participation (e.g., performance, multimedia, etc.) are also encouraged. Participants may also simply observe. The theme of the 2015 Women’s Read-In, which will be held on Thursday, March 12, 2015, is “Bringing Your Stories to the Table: Global Cuisine and Culture.” Read more here.


Young Women Making Fun of Sign at Beach, Miami, Florida, 1934

Young Women Poking Fun of Sign at Beach, Miami, Florida, 1934

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